T H E   P H I L O S O P H Y 

Anuu lifestyle represents sustainable slow fashion with an emphasis on the Christian culture. As with any faith, it's the cornerstone to the way of living. Anuu is a place where time slows down and we are met with beauty and faith in the everyday. That morning coffee, your feet curled up as you cuddle under your favorite throw, quiet time while the sun rises, rest while the baby naps, walks around the neighborhood, routine calls with a loved one, whatever that everyday may look like to you, I want to encourage you to soak in those sweet in-between moments. Because the best days are TRULY the ordinary days. Let that thought also encourage you to live mindfully with the things you bring into your home. Your living space is a reflection of the things you treasure and the greatest kind of treasure tells a story. My hope is to help you tell your story and inspire you to live a mindful yet simple lifestyle with the selections I bring to both homeware and womenswear. 


Anuu is driven by two collections:

The Found Collection is a curation of pre-loved goods. I swift through the mass looking for quality, character and simplicity. I believe buying second-hand is the best approach to sustainability. Anuu is the bridge for people that simply don't have time, rather not look or just can't find beauty in the chaos. Found pieces will maintain a wallet-friendly price tag.

The Made Collection is designed with organic, natural, recycled and deadstock materials. I create with the earth in mind to encourage others to reduce their waste in material goods by making sustainable resources available. ​Pieces for your everyday inspired by modern minimalist with a touch of feminine. 

T H E  S T O R Y

Creating has always been my niche. There probably isn't a season in my life where I wasn't cutting, gluing, coloring, drawing, making some sort of thing. Although I had not noticed this passion growing up. Fast forward to the time when I began soul searching, to the time when I finally realized I had to pursue the creative industry; it was precisely after my first year attending FIU, when I decided to move to LA. October 2012 I became a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 

I graduated in 2015 then headed straight to New York where I interned at an Atelier for a few months. That was the beginning of my Patternmaking career. Soon after this happened: "A man plans his ways, but the Lord direct his steps". What I mean is, I would have never thought prince charming would swoop me off my feet to then have a little helen running around the house SO soon! It's the best thing to happen of course. I'm grateful for the Lord's perfect timing in working out the details of my life. Now I get to stay at home with my sweet sweet daughter Hanelei.

Another longing passion of mine has been to launch a lifestyle brand. It has been lingering over my head for years now. My notes continued to grow as I'd cope by writing and bookmarking all my thoughts and ideas for that 'one day'. And because of my incredible support system, that one day came when I launched Anuu. In this new season, I will be learning how to navigate the little years of motherhood whilst running a small bizz from home. Join me, why don't cha? 

Anuu simply stands for "a new" life in Christ and a new life lived through sustainability.                                                                                                                            




let our faith be the most beautiful thing we wear.